OOPS Connect Newsletter

Being a small society, OOPS strives to bring the very best opportunities and advancements to our members using our longstanding relationships with industry sponsors, university faculty, and passed and present students. As of 2020, we began publishing our OOPS Connect Newsletter. This provides students with the opportunity to take part in a professional student publication and to work alongside the executive committee to publish articles that will be distributed throughout professional work environments. It is also a chance for our sponsors and university faculty to involve themselves in a truly student-run and planning oriented publication and share their knowledge with the planners of tomorrow. Below, you can find all of our past publications and a link to subscribe to our future ones too!


If you'd like to contribute to our next issue of the OOPS Connect Newsletter, please contact our Vice President,  April Coulson at oopstudents@gmail.com. She is the 2023 & 2024 Newsletter Editor and is encouraging of anyone who would like to contribute, whether you're a UQ student, faculty member, industry professional or alumni.